My New Condenser Mic

Let me say this first:

I learned to love gear.  It’s like an arranged marriage.  Gear slowly worked its way into my heart after several years of usefulness and reliability.  I am not and will never be a gear head.   I speak “gear” about as well as I can speak Spanish– decent but not native.

That said, I am very proud of my gear, and I love everything I own, even my MOTU, once I learned what it’s for LOL.  So I’ll be doing some posts on everything I have in my home sweet home studio.

Let me tell you about my new Shure SM-27-SC Condenser.

I love this mic.  It’s not super expensive (I couldn’t afford it if it was), but it is the best deal for the money EVER.  This is the first condenser I’ve ever had for my very own (though I’ve borrowed them before), and how I love the vocals.  I was looking forward to the increase in clarity, and reduction of hissssss because I was frustrated at recording on performance mics (yes, I own that other Shure too), but what I didn’t realize  was how much emotionally richer the vocals would be.  That condenser mic just picks up EVERYTHING, including subtle changes in the singer’s tone that can really make a song:

Just skip to 3:10 if you can’t bear to watch the whole thing.  Of course, that’s Quincy Jones.  And it’s hardly subtle.

But the multi-dimensional tone I could get was the biggest surprise for me.  I really look forward to exploring this mic more and more, especially as I start to record more acoustic instruments with it.

What’s also nice about this mic is its range.  I like to record my band’s rehearsals sometimes, and before I got my new condenser I had to set up 2 mics.  Now I can just stick this bad boy on one side of the room and we can play freely, and have a decent recording of our session.

I heart my Shure SM-27!

(But it does pop like a mofo)


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