The M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

I loved to play piano when I was young.  So when I finally got my budget together for a keyboard, I wanted 88 weighted keys.  This meant I had to get something brainless- just a controller.  The drawback is, of course, that I have to plug it into my computer everytime I want to play.  The advantage is I have a nice controller AND I can work on Debussy’s Reverie in my spare time.  It’s not a compromise for everyone, but given my budget (and my nostalgia for my childhood piano) I’ve found it totally satisfactory.  Real classical piano players do NOT like this keyboard.  But I hope one day to be a good enough pianist to find its faults.

The best part about the M-Audio Keystation, beyond the good-enough-for-amateurs key action, is the midi mapping options.  It comes with so many easily programmable faders and knobs.  There is something so much more appealing about using faders than a mouse.

And the zones!  You can set up four different zones on the keyboard and have four different sounds going at the same time.  So you can have drums, bass, keys and guitar ready to go on one keyboard and make yourself a novelty act LOL.


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