My rack

I only have two pieces of gear in my rack– the MOTU 828 mkii and an 8-channel ADAT optical interface, so I have more i/o’s than I care to count, or, frankly, have ever come close to using.  Still, it’s good to know they’re there if I need them.  I figure I’ll grow into them.

Do you know that MOTU stands for Mark of the Unicorn?  I suspect the influence of Dungeons and Dragons.

As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t even know what a firewire audio interface was before I started using Live.  Basically, it’s the way an analog signal gets transferred into digital.  It’s how you plug in live music to your computer.

The MOTU comes with a built-in mixer that I never use because I just use Ableton Live to mix.  I asked the audio engineer all about it and he said the only time I’d need to use Cuemix is if I was worried about some real minor latency issues.   To be honest, I don’t like that there’s a whole section of my MOTU that I don’t know how to work, but jesus christ I hate those tiny little knobs and that ’80s style green glowscreen.  So there.

But don’t get me wrong– the MOTU is a great piece of equipment, especially for something that came out years ago.


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