Recording Rock n Roll: The first night

I have learned so much in the past two days, I don’t even know where to begin.

Jason and I started recording Adam and Ken at 3 Egg studios yesterday.

The major questions we had to answer were:  (1) how do we get a big sound from drums and acoustic guitar? (2) how do we achieve the great live energy that the two have when they play shows together? (3) how do we get this done in three days?

Ken uses an acoustic guitar with a distortion pedal, which makes his signature sound.  Jason decided to put the amp in the B room while Ken played in the live room with Adam.

The drum room doors stayed open so that they could see and react with each other while they played, which meant that they could keep that phenomenal live energy.  It also meant less time tracking.

You can see how we set them up in this video:

The first night: All about the drum microphones

We mic’d the hell out of that drum kit.  It was so fun just putting the mic’s on there, and then listening to the tracks.  In all, we used nine mic’s.  Here’s what we used:

Kick in                          Shure beta 52.

Kick out                        Royer r21.

Snare top                      SM 57

Snare bottom               SM 57

High tom                      Sennheiser 421

Low tom                       Sennheiser 421

High hat                       Royer r21

Overhead l.                   josephson

Overheard r.                 josephson

(left and right are drummer perspective)

The idea was, with only two instruments, to get the richest, fullest drum sound we could.

The live room was miked using a telefunken on omni.  Ken’s amp was miked with a Royer r121.

Ken did scratch vocals on a 57.

The first night was fast and gorgeous.  It really did feel like a performance, due to the fact that we had the scratch vocals.  Most songs were done in one take.

If you want to see more pictures of the night, just go to ken south rock.

What was so exciting for me about the first night was that I now know that I could mic a drum kit if I needed to.


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