Where’s my magic wand?

Learning. Why does it have to take so long?

I was spoiled by school because I read fast, and school is so word-centered, that if you’re good at words, you can coast. So that’s what I did.

But you can’t coast when it comes to learning how to produce or play music. I don’t mind putting in the hours, I just want to be great now, please. Hello? I’m waiting.

I want my beats to be rich and full and big without just being loud. I want to know exactly how to make someone’s vocals shine. I want every instrument to sound interesting without being pushy or showy. I want to have a signature sound, but I want to have room to evolve as I learn more and as the technology changes.

Is that so much to ask?
I have a new client! His name is Lucas and he just came to NY from Australia.

I’m almost done with Dina’s second song, Strange Fruit. Production-wise, I feel like what it lacks in an experienced touch it makes up for in ambition.

AND Ken South Rock’s record release party is set for January 15 at Goodbye Blue Monday!!! Much more about this very soon.


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