Chump or Pimp?

Here’s what makes me crazy about choosing music as a career. (I almost wrote the “music industry” but I’m not sure it exists anymore.) I don’t want to screw anyone. Also, I don’t want to get screwed. This apparently puts me in a minority of people looking to produce other people’s music.

I can’t freaking stand how every creative field attracts the slimiest mofo’s who just want to prey on people’s dreams. But the people they chump tend to be people who aren’t willing to treat a career in music the way one would treat any type of career– hard work, networking, practicing, doing things you don’t like sometimes…. Starting at the bottom. Which is where everyone starts when they drop out of their mama.

I charge $10 an hour because I think it’s a fair price given my level of experience and the type of equipment I have. The key word here is FAIR. I blame hyper-capitalism for this predator-prey relationship that seems to be so prevalent in music (and in all creative fields), but for christ’s sake they haven’t made it illegal to treat people fairly quite yet. Just unfashionable.

omg my first rant!


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