I need two heads and four hands

… and I think I could get everything done that I put on my todo list everyday.

Here’s what’s going on right now:

(1) Just finished putting together the Ken South Rock album and promoting the album release party. It was glorious, a lot of people showed up, the performances were spectacular and Naomi at Lone Wolf was delighted. I was literally cutting up the album art the day of the show. The video was also completed the day of the show. It was a bit of crazy.

(2) Trying to expand my client base. Man (and woman) cannot live on craigslist alone, know what I’m sayin? So I’ve been wearing my feet out putting up flyers all over the place. I had a really excellent guy come in with a great voice– so good we did a quickie one-take scratch track of one of his songs at our first meeting. I’m gonna ask him if I can post it.

(3) Still reading Mixing Audio. I’m learning about compression now. Compression has always been a mystery to me, but it’s slowly becoming clear. It’s funny how, with every bit of recording and mixing I learn, my hand gets lighter and lighter on the controls. It used to be I’d just violently turn knobs– now it’s all these gentle movements. I plan on writing a whole lot more about compression very, very soon.

(4) Gotta promote that Ken South Rock album! We worked so hard on it, and it sounds so good.

You know, I spent a lot of years as an admin asst in shiny buildings in midtown to keep food on my table, and I find those skills come in really handy as a band manager. But also, I want to keep a balance between the marketing and promotion side of what I do and the recording side. In addition, I can’t forget that I’m a musician, too!

So why did I spend half an hour today watching Soul Train Line Dance Videos on the youtube???


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