Gonna go look at a new studio today! Also, thoughts on instruments

My friend Eddie has a very nice setup in his basement in Bed Stuy. He’s recording the Wild Yaks today, and I’m gonna hang out for a bit. I want to use the space for some of my own recording. Maybe I can trade recording space for fresh homemade bread LOL

I heard a new song about Egypt by Narcicyst and a bunch of other rappers. It’s pretty good, though of course it’s a quick job– it’s almost more like a musical news bulletin than a song for the ages. It was produced by this guy Sami Matar. I checked out the website for his studio in Orange county. It’s cool, but what I thought was most interesting about it was that he has these wild middle-eastern instruments.

It made me think– in these days of easily available software and electronic tools, having unique instruments on hand is something that can really set you apart.

I need more instruments!!! My most interesting thing is a thumb piano. I need to keep going in this direction. Like maybe a cuatro, which is a kind of little guitar from venezuela. Check out this kid playing it.

Here’s an electric version– this is the one I want.


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