What Are Our Choices?

christ, i hate what a market does to music. sometimes I wonder if we’d all be better off having patrons like freakin’ Mozart. Although it didn’t work out so well for him. I was just checking out a music distribution website, and I read the term, Lifestyle Marketing. What does that even mean?

I’m just as happy as anyone else that the dinosaurs of the record industry are going away, but what’s left to the rest of us is this relentless market that asks us not only to monetize our music, but our lifestyle, whatever that means, if we don’t want to have a day job. There’s no real farm team system anymore, there’s no time or energy for any of us to develop our craft. If we’re not working as secretaries or bartenders or teachers or waiters (and I’ve done all these), then we’re spending hours on the FB creating our “brand” so that we can pull a few people to our shows.

I record so many talented people who deserve to be heard and they don’t have time to be facebooking their lives. And maybe, just maybe, who they are is more than a brand to be marketed.


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