Recording Torpor revised

So I had a long talk with Jason about my plans and here’s the revised version.

I’m not plugging in the guitar and bass. I’d have to use a splitter to get the signal to both the motu and the amp (duh) and though I was planning on doing that, J says there will probably be buzz. So I’m just going to mike the amps.

Meow!!! I need direct boxes!!! How many direct boxes are in somebody’s closet right now, never being used??? Gimme. How does one get a sponsorship anyway???

Instead of a condenser on the guitar amp, I’m going to use a SM57, right up next to the speaker grill.

Instead of a dynamic on the kick, I’m going to use a condenser. I thought kick drums always used dynamic mike, but Jason says that it’s better to use something with a large diaphragm on the kick so it can reproduce the low frequencies. There are large diaphragm dynamic mikes out there, but we don’t have one (again, meow). Since I don’t have a large diaphragm dynamic, I should use one of my condensers turned down way low.

I’m going to mike the bottom of the snare so I get less cymbal noise.

I also need to double check that the board has phantom power, otherwise I’ll have to run the condensers off of the motu.


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