Recording Torpor

I’ve started recording a local band that’s just starting out called Torpor. It’s a great opportunity for me to get more comfortable with a board and with a band, instead of just in-the-box with singer-songwriters.

For our first recording, I just mic’d the room with a matched pair of condensers and used my motu. But we’re going to record with the board tomorrow! Here’s my plan:

Since we don’t have direct boxes, I’m just going to use my motu as the line-in option for the bass and guitar. (The motu is deceptively handy, I’ve learned, because I’ve gotten used to the idea that I can just plug a guitar or bass in and record it. Not necessarily so!) Then I’m going to mic the guitar and bass amp with a couple of condensers. We’re gonna put a shure 57 on the kick, use those little matched pair condensers for the overheads, and then put another condenser on the snare (top).

In order to do this, I’m going to use my own motu for the bass and guitar, then use their board for the 6 other ins.

Total mic’s needed: 5 condensers, 1 dynamic
Total cables needed: 2 xlr, 6 quarter inch (board to motu), 4 quarter inch (drums to board)

I’m going to record the vocals separately, after we do the instrumentals.

My major problem right now is that I have like NO isolation from their sound because it’s such a small room. My plan is to set up and listen to each instrument individually, then have them play 20 seconds together and listen back and make any adjustments, and then just hope for the best. No flying the faders with this one, unfortunately.

But it’s just their first recordings of their first songs– they’ve only had a couple of gigs, and I need the practice recording. Hopefully if things go well and when they’re ready we’ll get a budget and do some real recording at Eddie’s.

Oh, here’s a pic of me recording them yesterday


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