What a party!

Thanks to Gravity Sleeps and Factory for putting on an awesome party last Saturday!!!

This week– 3HREE!!! A little artier, a little jazzier, but just as fun I promise. I have never come close to organizing a 3 day extravaganza before–it’s a little crazy.

I just bought ads in freewilliamsburg and facebook. I’ve never done that before either– we’ll see if it works.

I have been so busy with these parties I haven’t recorded anyone else for a week or two. Dina and I are collaborating on a song– and of course she’s working hard getting her avon votes. Dina did an amazing set at the party, and there was at least one celebrity in attendance, which was kind of awesome.

I have my own show, playing some songs at Otto’s Shrunken Head on Wednesday, as part of Dee Pop’s Medicine Show.

Also, tomorrow I start working for Boy’s Club of New York, teaching a music production class!! More about this soon.


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