Oh my god. 3HREE.

The biggest art and music extravaganza I ever had to manage.

As you can see from the pictures, It went so well!!!!!


(1) We sold 3 pieces of art.

(2) David Amram‘s phenomenal performance, being turned into a live album with bonus video footage AS WE SPEAK. (Thanks to Brian Penny’s phenomenal engineering skills at 3 Egg Studios)

(3) The chance to hear Phil Sterk play solo pedal steel! I’ve only ever heard him play with a band– pedal steel can be a very avant garde instrument when it’s out there on its own. I’ve already encouraged him to make an album of his solo work– I hope he considers it.

(4) 3 Egg Studios decked out with some terrific art, including artist Harry Gold, whose work is absolutely thrilling.

(5) The look on our bartenders’ faces each night when they realized they made a sweet amount of money. (Sweet for us, anyway LOL)

This whole week has just been me getting back to my regular life, managing the completion of the David Amram album, and sleeping!

Tomorrow I’m recording Torpor again, and having an Ableton jam with a friend of mine. I’m trying to get more used to the clip view. I’m really making some progress in making beats instead of just using track view to record live instruments. The kids at Boys Club keep asking to hear some of my beats, so I gotta get my game on. I find the Dubspot youtube videos to be really helpful!

May 28 is a great big show at Goodbye Blue Monday starring Abby Rock and Imaginary Friends, and also me!

I always either open my own shows or don’t play at all. If I hired myself as a booking agent, I’d be very disappointed LOL.


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