Women Producers and Engineers (and Point Guards and Forwards)

This is a little over a year old, and it focuses a lot on Nashville, but I thought it was a very interesting article about how slow going it is for women producers, especially those coming up as engineers.

Women Account for Less than 5 percent of producers and engineers

Now, I am not an engineer. Jason is. He’s an effing genius– the way he re-amped the snare using a little speaker for Imaginary Friends the other night was just amazing.

To me, being a music producer means being someone who knows talent when she sees it, including knowing talented engineers. It also means having a sharp, SHARP ear for music, and I include in that being able to translate notes into hertz. That’s about as much on the engineering side as I get. I mean, I just bought this really sweet Allen & Heath 16 channel mixer, and I’m working my way through the manual as we speak. But Jason has years of experience doing this, and a real gift for bridging the gap between musicality and technical skill. I’m not saying I’ll never be as good of an engineer as he is (although, ahem that’s a few years away), I’m saying, I’m the point guard and he’s the forward. It’s a good place to be.


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