How Bad Do You Want It?

I went to this seminar on writing a business plan last week, since my goal is to start a record label/music publishing/musician services business by the end of the year. It was a free class offered by the city, which is cool. It was kind of like Business Boot Camp (which is actually what they call another one of their classes, so that gives you an idea.)

The tone of the meeting was kind of…


Well, we are in New York City, aren’t we?

She talked to everyone around the table about the kind of business they wanted to start. Everyone else she asked a couple questions and talked to them a little about their plan. Then it came to me, and I said I’m starting a record label/music publishing business and she just said ohhhhkay. And then on we went.

What did I learn?

(1) I need to know numbers.

(2) I need to know exactly who my customers are. (Fred suggested “every motherf—– on the planet earth but I’m not sure that would help me get a business loan LOL.)

(3) I need to assume I’ll be hiring people if I want to grow.

(4) I need to know my weaknesses. Well, duh, I know what I do bad. I bust my ass on this little blog o’ mine and my readership is just silly low. I have 25 twitter followers, I think, and I just finally hit 200 friends on my facebook. I can’t promote my way out of a wet paper bag. I give a great live show, and I’m producing my second album in a state-of-the-art studio, and I am a ghost. Marla Mase, bless her talented and musical heart, tried to help me with twitter by putting me on her twitter shout-outs but it’s still really confusing to me.

But I swear I will figure it out, goddammit. I have always reached my goals if I wanted something bad enough. How hard can it be to write a business plan, launch a record label and then promote the hell out it successfully? Oh, right, really hard. But I’m not afraid of hard work, not one bit.

That’s how bad I want it, business plan lady.


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