Band webpages

So I’ve been reading a lot about these pre-processed band pages, that you pay like 15 bucks a month for, and they pretty much set up themselves.

I gotta tell you, I don’t like ’em.

First of all, why would I want to handle commerce on my own site? Bandcamp is set up perfectly for that. It gives you great up-to-the-minute stats, it’s one click, and you can tuck their page as a subdomain right into anything you set up. Oh, and also, SEO! Google is all over bandcamp like flies on the poop. It makes no sense to me to set up my own little store in the corner of nowhereland.

Second. Tour. You know how deals with that best? Songkick.

Soundcloud for demos. Facebook for fans. Youtube or vimeo for videos.

All a website needs to do is point to all of these things that already exist, are optimized and are relatively easy to find and to use.

I’m thinking about this, I guess, because I’m working on my website for my record label. Or I should say, my team is working on it, and I’m calling them every few days and bugging them about it.


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