Getting my business certificate

The name of my new label is SuperMeow Records. Because I’m starting with just myself and no employees, I decided to stay a sole-proprietor for now. I can always incorporate later.

So I printed out the paperwork and headed down to the Brooklyn/Kings County Courthouse to file.

It’s a relatively short trip on the B38 to downtown– I live in south Bushwick to the bus takes me straight through Bed Stuy, Fort Greene, then finally I see Juniors and I know I’m downtown.

I love downtown Brooklyn. It’s so out-of-step with the rest of the city. It reminds me of downtowns in big Midwestern cities– downtown Dubuque or downtown Cincinnati or St. Louis. Bustling but grungy. No fancy restaurants, no upscale clothing stores, weeds in the roped-off lawn areas near the courthouse.

The county clerk is in the Supreme Court building. To get there, you go down one flight of stairs and back about 50 years in time. It’s like a county clerk museum in there.

Of course I had the wrong form, so the clerk directed me to an address across the street. It was only after I crossed the street that I realized she hadn’t given me an office number. Where should I go? The only thing on the first floor was a concession stand where people were buying their post-lunch sodas and chips.

Then I saw the old-fashioned sign above the stand. Notary Public.

While he continued to sell candy, the guy running the stand handed me the forms to fill out on a clipboard. In triplicate. Then he notarized it and took $12.

“Good luck,” he said.

Back across the street, the clerk almost cracked a smile when she saw the name SuperMeow. But not quite.

In the bathroom, the paper towel dispensers still had that turning crank I remember from grade school.

I wasn’t in a great mood today, but the minute I had the completed forms in my hand I couldn’t stop smiling. I went into the Brooklyn tourism gift store, run by two very sweet ladies. They helped me pick out a coffee cup. I told them it was going to be my lucky coffee cup because I just registered my business today.

“What kind of business?” they asked.

A record label.

They were so excited. One of them has a son who is an audio engineer in California. They made me sign the guest list so that they could remember me when I’m famous.

So I signed Aron Blue.

And in the notes I wrote

i started my record label today!


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