Recording Weekend

The apartment was definitely our music studio this weekend!

Saturday night Ruel came over to lay down some guitar tracks for the Imaginary Friends album. I think the release date is probably going to be the first of the year, because we really want it to be perfect.

It sounds so good already!

(Oh, and btw all these pics are from my ancient camera phone. I set it up so it sends pics straight to my tumblr.)

Then last night I recorded Filthy Savage here. It was so much fun! I finally got to use my new soundboard, which kind of took over my bedroom.

I also got new overheads to use for the drums from Main Drag, the best music store in NYC.

How dumb is this– I was buying mics the day that I was supposed to be recording. It was just so lucky that Main Drag had what I needed– a matched pair of AKG C430s, which are small diaphragm condenser mics. And such a good price!

I also got a couple of new mic stands, which I needed. I used my shure condenser for the kick because I don’t have any other large diaphragm mics. Then I mic’d under the snare with a shure 57.

Here’s Vanessa at the drums:

Frank played through a DI box and he and Vanessa wore headphones so they could hear each other.

I ran out of eighth-inch to quarter-inch adapters so after I checked them out I just had to watch the tracks– no headphones for me.

Here’s the view of Filthy Savage from the “control room” (aka my bedroom)

I need more cables, more adapters, another DI box, and some good way of organizing all this stuff– I’m tired of un-spaghettiing cables, only to find that what I thought was a mic cable is actually an XLR to quarter inch.

But Filthy Savage sounded great– they’re so full of enthusiasm and they were happy to be recording with me– it was their first time recording. And they’re the ideal band for me to work on recording all by myself. With Imaginary Friends, Jason is the engineer, but I was definitely engineering this one all on my own.

I’ve graduated from singer-songwriters to punk bands LOL

Also a big thanks to Mike from Unstoppable Death Machines for dropping by and laying down some bass for their tracks– it added so much.


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