Almost a year

I’ve been doing this blog for almost a year now.


After nearly a year of recording people for small change, here’s what I’ve learned.

(1) Fuck Craig’s List. There’s a whole weird subset of human beings who just hang out on Craig’s List and don’t do much else. I can’t advertise to them– it’s too weird. I met a handful of cool people, but for the most part the effort I put into advertising my little studio on there versus the results was ludicrous. I actually have a lot of great real world contacts out there and I realized this year it’s much better to cultivate them than reach out to the martians that hang out on that board.

The only thing good about it is it pushed the numbers on my blog but whatevs.

Weird Al says it better than me

(2) Some people really WANT to be criticized!!! Sometimes in the past year I realize I’ve been too supportive. Someone will sing and I’ll say, ok that’s great– and they doubt themselves so much that my supporting them reduces MY credibility. I mean, first off, jesus h. christ what the fuck singers? Relax. If you hate your own music so much stop doing it.

(3) As I’ve mentioned before, just working with anyone actually doesn’t improve my own skills– I have to work with musicians that I respect and that I think are good if I want to get better as a producer and nascent engineer.

(4) I have got to find better ways to organize myself. I find Excel works really well for to do lists and such, but I don’t make time for relaxation so I wind up procrastinating. Like my friend Kobie says about the Snooze button. It’s far better to set your alarm for later and get good sleep and be behind schedule than to ride the snooze button for an hour and then feel like crap and be behind schedule.

I have to accept that for four hours a day I’m probably gonna fuck around and hang out with my friends or watch an old movie with my bf or eat a nice meal. And then there’s eight hours of sleep! That only leaves 12 hours for working, and for me that’s not enough. I always schedule myself as if I’m going to do nothing but work on projects for 16 hours a day. But I don’t– I can only make myself work 12, and if I do a bunch of heavily productive days like that, I’ll wind up just stopping for a while and doing nothing and feeling bad.

I’ve learned a lot of other stuff too but I think this blog post has become another form of procrastinating. Today I’m recording Filthy Savage, and THIS time I’m going to have everything set up before they come over. I swear!! Ron from Imaginary Friends is coming over to lay down some bass tracks. Then we’re headed over to Occupy Wall Street (which has been taking up some of my time lately too) to hang out for awhile. Damn Liberty Plaza is a fun place to hang out these days!!!!

Oh yeah my band Reggae Fresh, who I play keyboards for, played last night and it was an excellent show. Here’s a link to our first performance (not from last night)


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