AES, CharterOak mics and Business Classes

I start attending this free entrepreneur class tomorrow to learn how to set up SuperMeow records. It’s kinda crazy all the stuff I have to think about.

Recording is going great. I find it’s easier to track the recording process with both bands using an Excel spreadsheet. For IF, each song has its own category, so I can check at a glance what needs to be done before we move on to the next stage, which will be re-amping in this case. It’s better than taking notes, in my opinion, because the process needs a flowchart, not a narrative. I got the idea from when I was temping at Coach in the architectural department (yes, Coach builds all their own stores, exactly alike), and they used these super detailed flowcharts to track the process of their architectural projects. Making an album is a lot like building a house in many ways. There’s a lot of people doing a lot of stuff and someone has to know who’s doing what at all times.

AES was super fun! Last time I went I was lucky enough not to have the knowledge to lust after all the stuff I did this time. For example, I’m really interested in these CharterOak microphones. They look awesome, and they sound great, at least according to TapeOp. It’s just impossible to hear those mics at AES, even though they have them set up. It’s a big warehouse! You just hear air.

Oh well, right now this is the only thing CharterOak I can afford.


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