Pro Tools 10 Trial [Case : 01970391]

Here’s a recommendation for you non ProTools using audio bloggers.  If you’re ever at a loss to figure out something to blog about, just try to download their free trial, and you’ll have material for days.

Here’s my story, sad but true.

The Imaginary Friends album has been moving forward in fits and starts since its inception.  And oh my god it is going to be sooo good.  Mindblowingly good.  I know I’m biased– whatever.

So to try to move the project forward faster, I decided that Jason needed to be able to work on the tracks from home instead of just at the studio.  It’s all recorded on Pro Tools.  I also know it’s for my own good to become familiar with Satan’s favorite DAW.  So I bought an iLok  and downloaded the trial.  I’m gonna buy it too, after the 30 days are over.

Actually, I can’t say I downloaded the trial because I still don’t have it.  It all started with my own simple mistake, I admit it.  i downloaded all the support stuff and clicked off the page without realizing I had one more download to go.

I couldn’t get back to the page.  It took me to the free trial fill out form, and of course I’d already gotten my special iLok assignment, so no more free trials for me.  I had to call them.  They emailed me back and gave me a link.  The link didn’t work.  I emailed them again, and they sent me a better link.  Days later, I finally had Pro Tools.  And it only crashed my Chrome once or twice while downloading.  For ProTools, this was an unmitigated success.

I opened it today, and it told me that my new trial version is missing the iLok authorization.

Why, why, why are they the industry standard?  I’m sure this story is not surprising to ANYONE in engineering.  It’s like not only does the emperor have no clothes, he’s waggling his junk right in your face saying, how you like my clothes?  How you like my clothes now bitch?


I got it!  Turns out I had to download the license onto iLok, even after I got it from ProTools. This does not change my essential point.


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