I love SoundToys

I showed Shayne and Rondell the Joe Crow video last night.  We decided to start doing impromptu recording sessions here starting next week, that just get posted straight to Soundcloud.  I can’t WAIT.

Also, we copied two of the songs from the studio last night so we can work on them at home.  It took forever.  Plus, the studio has all sorts of effects plugins that we don’t have from SoundToys and UAD.

Friday night download party. Woo!

So I was a little worried about how effective the home editing process was going to be without all those plugins.  Then I went to the SoundToys website and saw the magic words:  Native Effects 30 day demo.  Full package.

Touch me in the morning. Then just walk away.

I’ve met those guys at the AES convention last year and they’re super friendly and nice, and it only makes sense that they’re gonna offer this kind of service to their customers.  I’m just so impressed by them– they’re clearly doing it for the love.  The only reason I don’t buy it outright is I don’t got $495 lying around right now, but I’ll tell you the 30 day demo just made them jump a few items on the buy list. That’s how I know they’re smart.


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