Great Producers: Cordell Jackson

You may remember, deep in your childhood memories (or later, but who’s counting?), this crazy “rockin granny” who played electric guitar and was on TV a lot in the 1980s.  If not, here’s what she looked like then, chilling out with Brian Setzer in a totally 80s Bud Lite commercial:

Cordell Jackson recorded a bunch of demos at Sun Studios but was never invited to be on the label.  So in 1956, she opened her own record label, Moon Records, with Chet Atkins support and advice.  She was a singer and guitarist who also engineered, promoted, produced and arranged.  Then in the late 1970s people started to get interested in her songs again and she had this awesome revived career when most people retire.  You can read more about her here and here.

What I take from her is that I should never stop making music.


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