WordSpit The ILLest and Howie Mandel

See what happens when you lose your iPod cable? You’re forced to watch CBS at the gym, that’s what. But it was one of those crap talent shows so I was like, this might be okay. I used to watch Dancing with the Stars at the laundromat, and it passed the time.

But all that happened was I got the chance to watch Howie Mandel lecture my East New York neighbors about how to make it in show business. Rule number one: don’t be too original. I guess Howie knows best on that one. At least he didn’t say it in a funny voice. Anyway, WordSpit The ILLest is a cool, hardworking, creative band, and I’m sure getting on that crap TV show was good for their careers, but it was painful for me to watch. I’m going out to buy ten iPod cables so I’m never without my own entertainment again.

I’m reviewing the footage from the Imaginary Friends jam session last night- will post soon!  In the meantime, check out my reverb chamber:

Use what you got


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