What the eff happened with Jeff Price of Tunecore?

It doesn’t seem like anybody knows. Great article on hypebot about it. They interview Peter Wells. I’m kind of bummed about this. I saw Jeff Price speak on a panel once and he was really awesome– made me feel like there’s some good people in high places. You could tell how much he believes in independent musicians. I’m sure whatever he does next will be super awesome, but in my opinion it seems like they got screwed.



One thought on “What the eff happened with Jeff Price of Tunecore?

  1. Jeff Price and Peter Wells were basically fired. You could sugar coat it and say they were “let go” or that “their position was dissolved”. They still have stock in the company since it is controlled by a board of investors. This is total speculation on my part but it seems as if the venture capitalists who came in and gave “TuneCore” a bunch of money wanted to take over their entire business. and their greed led them to fire 2-3 people so that they wouldn’t have to pay them a salary.

    A lot of the artists who use TuneCore are leaving and heading to ADEDistribution at http://www.aded.us

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