To post or to do? That is the question.

I’m in the middle of a major exciting project, and it means I don’t have time to post much. 

Here’s some work I engineered and mixed over the summer, but never wrote about. Why? See title above. Please go check these guys out–they’re awesome and I love them.

I’m building my twitter! I’m gonna be one of those jokers that has 20,000 following to get half or less of that followers. Is it worth it? I don’t know, but I feel like people in the real world will take me more seriously if they see those numbers in the fake– er, online one, so there you go. In other words, follow me on twitter.

Watch this Imaginary Friends video. I did it all myself. Except for the music, of course, the most important part. I filmed it using a go pro and the camera on a iPod. Edited with Final Cut Pro X, the devil’s version. It’s all part of the Imaginary Friends album launch coming on November 23. Oh my god I feel a little nervous about this. There’s so much work to do still, but it’s gonna sound so good.

Finally, I put this on my twitter for a minute, but then took it off, but now I’m making a link at the bottom of this page where nobody will see it. I’m real conflicted about this NY times story about my neighborhood, featuring a backyard bbq on my porch. It’s not a negative story, it’s just kind of inaccurate and has a weird NY Times filter on it, as usual. The sun rises in the east, fire is hot, and the NY Times gets it wrong.  On the other hand, no publicity is bad publicity, I guess. With that said, I will link.





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