BMI MusicWorld: Still not Helping

Welcome to the Second Installment of Sadly Obvious Career Advice from BMI MusicWorld. This time, it’s Four Ways to Avoid Music Submission Mistakes. Not Five and not Three. Got your flashcards ready? Let’s go.

(1) Don’t send an unsolicited email with an MP3 attached to somebody with a music job.

Or anyone. Ever. Whoever is still doing this needs more help than the BMI newsletter can give them.

(2) Avoid writing long emails with your submission.

What? Don’t blather on in a professional email? How will I ever get noticed if I don’t tell my life story when I submit my ten songs via MP3 attachment?

How Can I Write a Song when I have No Head?

(3) Don’t send more songs than the opportunity requires.

Listen, dude, they don’t like me cuz they don’t know me. And Ima fix that. Right now. My ten MP3s demand your love!

(4) Don’t forget to follow up.

Sigh. I just assume some of the cut pieces of advice were (1) make sure you spell the email correctly and (2) hold down the shift key when you hit 2 to make that fancy “a” symbol.

I guess the moral of the story here is that Songwriters are Special. A Special group of people whose little brains only light up in the songwriting sections. Like Gizmo.


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