Such great (free) music: the Fred Perry Artist Lounge Sessions at Stratosphere

So I’m a big fan of Insound, because they always give away music in the form of digital mix tapes. I like this because (1) I just finished grad school so have been on a Dickensian budget for the last few years; (2) broke or not, I think it’s the smartest move anyone in the music business can make. Last week they came out with this awesome compilation of music called the Fred Perry Artist Lounge Sessions, recorded in a day at Stratosphere Sound. I keep listening to it over and over. I’m so impressed with the engineer Geoff Sanoff who recorded eight different bands in one day. And not just different bands– different sounding bands with a variation of instruments, vocal styles, even genres. So not easy!

Foxygen, especially, sounds great– so great I’m gonna go see them at Webster Hall in December. You know, it’s always fun to be super into the opening band, and then see that the main player is someone you’ve been meaning to see, too– in this case, Of Montreal. Jagjaguwar has great taste in music.

God, this is the linkiest post I ever wrote. Whatever, I love this compilation.


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