Canada has better beer

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this?

I’m in Toronto for a few days, visiting my friend Jacob and going to literary parties because he’s got some poetry published and it’s the holiday season. Of course the minute I leave there’s a bunch of shows I’m missing.

Martin Bisi has a show this Friday (7th) at 9PM at Littlefield in Park Slope/Gowanus Brooklyn. I am bummed! I met him once when I was a bartender at Planet Thai like a million years ago, and he’s a truly great producer. Altiverb just made a software plug-in so you can sound like you recorded at his studio. I have two thoughts about this: (1) what a great idea; (2) one day I’d sure like someone to make a software plug-in for my studio. I wonder, though, if any software can ever reproduce these crafted techniques.

Emulate this

Emulate this

Also, Gay Panic is playing Thursday at Public Assembly, according to Lior. He and I are going to work on some stuff soon, too, and I’m really excited about that.


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