I like Meowtain. And Bezoar.

Me and Shayne listened to the whole cassette of Meowtain last night. I bought it from Lizzie La Fey at the Foxygen show at Webster Hall, because she sings with Foxygen and also was selling cassettes for her band. I was probably the only person to be like, the side project of the opening band? On cassette? Let me buy some of that. But that is how I roll.

Then we biked to Grand Victory and watched Bezoar, who tag themselves on bandcamp with experimental metal prog psychedelic Brooklyn. That sounds about right. Their sound is huge, you could really hear and differentiate the instruments.  Too many bands go loud and get muddy, but they were pristine. It kind of rounded out the evening.

We’re doing t-shirts for Imaginary Friends, which is exciting, working on the second video, and trying to find the perfect venue for our record release party. If I don’t have a date nailed down in a week or so, my head is going to explode. Explode! Like a watermelon being shot by an assassin’s rifle while he’s practicing for Charles De Gaulle.


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