The Internet is a Potemkin Village

I went to see Earth Girls Are Easy the other night. It was a special Bust-magazine-sponsored showing at Videology in Williamsburg, which they’ve really turned into a sweet bar and viewing room, by the way. Kudos.

Now I love this movie. I can recite quotes from this movie like other people do with Rocky Horror.

“If you wanted to have meaningless sex, why couldn’t you have meaningless sex with me?!”

So I was excited. I dragged two of my friends along (one: bemused, one: slightly pleased). A third couldn’t come because of holiday scheduling stuff.

We were the only people there!!!

Except for one other girl. And the fancy pantsy lady who was running the show. And her friend. Fancy pantsy is an editor for Salon and wrote a twee little book about the pains of middle class househunting in NYC. No links because I’m not trying to be that way (much), I’m just telling a little story.

She proceeded to stand up in the dark, with us all alone there (6 total people), and give this whole speech about the movie, and how much it meant to her, and how our money was going to a good cause (which it was), and then she talked about the cause for a minute, and suggested that maybe we could donate even more money, and me and my two friends were like, umm, please just start the movie because you’re making us really uncomfortable. I just felt bad because she couldn’t let her hair down even for a minute in a situation where she obviously needed to interact in a slightly different way than if she was speaking to 30 people.

And yet, on the internet, to quote a rather old song by my buddies Ninjasonik, she’s fuckin’ famous.


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