New Monthly Series: Soul of a Poet

Last week, I hosted some poetry and music in the backyard of Goodbye Blue Monday. It went so well, that I’m going to do it as a monthly series called Soul of a Poet. We’re going to invite one poet and a handful of musicians to do 10 to 15 minute sets. If you’re in a band, and would like to have a chance to perform some acoustic tunes that are a little too quiet for your regular setlist, then I hope you’ll get in touch. Meanwhile, I want to share some photos and MP3s of the show from last week.


Rocco de Giacomo was our featured poet. He’s got a great way of expressing a sharp, resigned humor at our world and his place in it. Here he is reading one of his twitter poems, a collection of tweets from the Huffington Post.

Rocco: Tweets from HuffPo

Rocco Poetry 6

Shayne Bovell from Imaginary Friends was one of our performers. It was a great chance to hear some of his spoken word, along with some songs. Here’s a sample.

Shayne Pixie Dust

Shayne 1

Brer Brian even stopped by and played a couple of songs with us. I was delighted to hear his tune It’s Like Buddha, Baby. That is a really great song.

Basically, it was an awesome, inspiring night. Everybody listened and enjoyed, drank buckets of beer afterward and I gave everyone tarot readings after the bar closed. Thanks as always to Goodbye Blue Monday for hosting.


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