SuperMeow Studios

Rack and Studio Gear

Allen & Heath GL2

I’m working with an Allen & Heath GL2 soundboard now. It has 12 input channels (10 mono and two stereo) with four Group and two Master faders. It was a $120 at Main Drag. It had a broken knob, but Jason fixed it.

What a bargain this was! The GL2 came out in 1994, and Paul White of Sound on Sound called it “a well-built, nice-sounding mixer, with a great EQ section, plenty of Aux sends, and enough facilities to make it useful in most mixing environments, including 4-track recording and live sound.”

The GL2 was launched right at the beginning of the home studio explosion, and so is one of the first generation of smaller, high-quality mixers. In addition, when I eventually grow out of it, I will have a solid live mixing board in my arsenal. Always good for those live shows in unexpected places.

Isn’t it adorable?

MOTU 828 mkii

Still got it. Now I use all the ins and outs in the back. I was right when I wrote that I’d grow into it. It complements the GL2 nicely.

Alesis 3630 Compressor

Korg DTR 1000 Digital Tuner

Scully 280B

Two track 1/4″
Four track 1/2″

That’s right, I can record to tape.

Event 20/20 studio monitors


Musical Instruments

Wurlitzer electronic piano

Many years ago, Jason brought home a broken Wurlitzer, missing a couple of keys. It was just another piece of stray equipment in our house (of which there are many– we’re like the island of misfit musical toys), until I started playing keyboards in Cookie and the Crumbs and decided I really needed it bad. Jason fixed it for me, and I got a vintage Wurlitzer.

true love

Akai MPK 49

Just another keyboard controller, though this one I can gig with.

Harmony electric guitar

Sears-made, late 70s model.

Yamaha acoustic guitar
About a 1980 model. The action is low and sweet.

Drum kit

Snare, kick, floor tom, ride and high hat. BYOC(ymbals)


And a couple of xylophones, maraca, cowbells, etc.


AKG C 430

Twin mics, great for drum overheads.

Cascade M20 Cardioid Condenser (2)

Shure SM 27 SC Cardioid Condenser

CAD GXL2400 Cardioid Condenser

Shure dynamics

What do I have, 5 or 6? I’m convinced that if you put them in a microphone drawer they multiply.




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